Acronimo: WildSkills_EU

Titolo:"Tackling skills gap in the wildlife conservation sector"

Bando: 23_04_2020

Durata: months 30 (01/10/2020 – 31/03/2023)

Coordinatore: Ambios Ltd, UK

Budget totale EU: €  369.600,00

Budget TESAF: €  47.170,00

Responsabile scientifico: Sitzia Tommaso

Team: Pettenella Davide, Sitzia Tommaso, Campagnaro Thomas

Riassunto: The WildSkills EU project will address the skills gap identified by employers responsible for biodiversity monitoring and climate change mitigation.
Here there is a mismatch between employer needs for early career staff to possess both ‘practical wildlife survey and identification’ and ‘communication and stakeholder engagement’ skills and the absence of this training from Higher Education pathways.  The project will be a collaboration that links practitioners from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) with teachers from the world of Higher Education. Together the partners will develop innovative and accessible distance learning packages to address these skills gaps using a virtual learning environment that combines the use of physical equipment with online webinars and livestream technologies that can deliver, assess, credit and endorse acquired skills. The project will train the trainers in delivering this unique model and share the good practice established as a result.
The objectives of the project are to:

  1. Develop 6 distance learning modules within an Open Education Resource covering 3 critical skills gaps with key elements translated into native languages;
  2. Develop and test a new digital pedagogy of distance learning skills delivery and assessment leading to employer and HE recognition;
  3. Train more than 20 trainers in the use of this new digital learning and assessment pedagogy;
  4. Establish a platform for sharing pedagogy best practice with practitioners.

The European network provided by this project partners is an ideal place to explore, share and promote new systems of skills learning in the context of different cultures - a transnational approach is ultimately the only way to ensure sustainability of life on planet earth.

Sito Web: https://www.ambios.net/wildskillseu/

The application form to the courses is now live via the Ambios webpage and direct link.

On the 14th of July, a demonstration of the courses will be provided through free Zoom sessions: quick examples of the courses and how they will progress your career will be given by each project partner.

To subscribe to the event: https://www.ambios.net/wildskillseu/

The brochure of the event can be downloaded from the link below.

Download brochure (PDF 6.4 Mb)

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