Acronimo: CrossEU

Titolo: Cross-sectoral Framework for Socio-Economic Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Events in Europe  - GA nr. 101081377

Bando: Horizon RIA - CL5-2022-D1-01-02-two-stage

Durata: 36 mesi

Coordinatore: Administratia Nationala de Meteorologie (MeteoRo)

Budget totale EU: € 3.444.624,00

Budget TESAF: € 216.250,00

Responsabile scientifico: Mara Thiene

Research Team: Mara Thiene, Cristiano Franceschinis, Marco Borga

GA: 101081377

Riassunto: The project aims to respond to the increasing societal needs to reduce climate-damaging actions, adapt to the expected consequences and increase socio-economic resilience. Furthermore it will deliver a climate-sensitive framework, including a ready-to-use decision support system platform and technical recommendations, to inform investment decisions, cost-effective adaptation and mitigation options and policy response to climate change.
It will contribute to advancing the understanding of the socio-economic risks and response options associated with climate change impact in Europe in different timeframes, including the post-COVID19 societal-environmental transformation, and derive practical recommendations for political and societal action.
The solutions proposed are based on an extensive assessment of the socio-economic risks of climate change in a cross-sectoral hierarchical approach, based on storylines addressing key categories of climate hazards in different socio-economic sectors and climate change-sensitive areas across countries and European regions.
CrossEU will offer a ready-to-use solution that integrates complex information from available climate risk data sets and non-climatic sectoral data collected during the project implementation and derived through modelling based on demand-driven climate-socio-economic pathways.

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