1st PhD Winter School in Ecology and Evolution

Palazzo Grassi, Riva Canal Vena 1281, Chioggia

Dal 09.02.2017 al 10.02.2017

1st Meeting of the PhD students in Ecology and Evolution of the University of Padova

On the 9 and 10th of February 2017, the “Umberto D'Ancona” Hydrobiological Station in Chioggia (VE) hosted the 1st meeting of PhD students in Ecology and Evolution of the University of Padova. The talk sessions were held in the beautiful venue of the main hall of Palazzo Grassi, 300 m from the Station. The meeting has been organised as a joint initiative among three doctoral schools: Biosciences, Land, Environment, Resources and Health and Crop Sciences. The aim was to enhance the exchange of ideas and knowledge among students that share a common interest in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics associated with the rapid environmental changes faced by our planet. A group of eighteen PhD students from the University of Padova met to present their research projects about the ecological and evolutionary responses of species and communities that live in different habitats and geographical areas. Research topics ranged from land to oceanic environments, from plants to animals, and encompassed ecological, physiological, morphological and behavioural responses to environmental changes, including the economic consequences on the ecosystems.

The focus of the 1st Meeting was on climate change. Two international and outstanding invited speaker, Prof. Mark Olson from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico) and Prof. Ulrika Candolin from the University of Helsinki (Finland) participated to the meeting. Mark Olson presented a provocative perspective on the concept of adaptation in evolutionary biology and Ulrika Candolin illustrated the evolutionary and ecological implications of the behavioural responses to a changing world using sticklebacks as an example. In addition, the delegate of the University of Padova Research Office provided some useful tips regarding the funding opportunities for young researchers. Undergraduate students and senior researchers also attended the meeting also contributing, with questions and discussion, to a vibrant scientific atmosphere. Students interacted actively during the talk sessions, giving and sharing new stand points and stimulating novel views about their research and future career. Most importantly, innovative and fresh cooperation were put on the table. The discussion continued during superb (despite the low budget!) coffee breaks and aperitifs which contributed, along with the perfect venue offered by Palazzo Grassi, to the success of the meeting. We are very grateful to the “Chioggia crew” (from the students to the administrative and technical staff) for their generous and effective contribution to the organization of the meeting.

This meeting set up the first series of annual meetings of PhD students with a common interest in Ecology and Evolution, aimed at enhancing collaboration and scientific interaction between different research areas of our University. To further highlight the interdisciplinary nature of these meetings, they will be held alternatively in the two field stations of our University. The next meeting will therefore take place in 2018 at the Research Centre for Environment “Lucio Susmel” located in the heart of the Dolomites, in San Vito di Cadore (BL). We look forward to meeting our current and future PhD students there!


The Organizers

Tommaso Anfodillo, Lisa Locatello, Maria Berica Rasotto e Andrea Pilastro

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Climate change: ecological and evolutionary responses of species and communities



Plenary speakers: Mark Olson (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Ulrika Candolin (University of Helsinki, Finland)