Management and planning of land and green infrastructures

First cycle degree

Class: L-21 - Town, regional and environmental planning

Duration: 3 years

Branch: Legnaro

Language: Italian

- Pianificazione e protezione del territorio
- Progettazione e gestione delle aree verdi

Open access with assessment test

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 2

of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 1


Il corso in breve

Characteristics and objectives
The PGTV degree course concerns the urban planning of a territory more resilient to the effects of climate change, with interventions aimed at preserving the environment, reducing hydrogeological risk, creating and enhancing green areas to improve human health and well-being.
Urban planning and ecological-environmental skills are combined with skills on intervention techniques for flood risk mitigation and on the design and management of green areas.
The topics of the degree course are addressed with an integrated multidisciplinary vision that aims at the preservation or the reconstruction of ecosystem balances, taking into consideration the environmental and economic sustainability of the interventions.
The PGTV course is divided into two curricula: Planning and Preservation of the Territory (PPT) and Planning and Management of Green Areas (PGAV) and trains planners with a solid knowledge of environmental skills. They will be capable of operating to promote the development of a more in balance with the environment and nature and capable of countering the effects of climate change, with interventions useful of preserving the existing and guiding the creation of new spaces.

Occupational opportunities
This degree introduces to public and private jobs. Private: professional firms involved in applied planning, river engineering, geology engineering, agronomist, and companies specialized in control works against floods and debris floods, management of parks, green urban. Public: technical offices of municipalities, provinces, regions and reclamation consortium.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The course will grant direct access to the master Course:

1) Applied Planning (LM-48)
2) Landscape Architecture (LM-03)

It is possible to enroll in the following Master's degree after integration of the study plan

1) Forest and Environmental Science (LM-73)
2) Science and Technology for the Environment and Land (LM-75)
3) Science and Technology for Agricolture (LM-69)
4) Environmental Engineering* (LM-35)
5) Water and Geological Risk Engineering* (LM-35)
6) Civil and Industrial Safety Engineering* (LM-26)
*Only curriculum PPT

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President of the Course of Study: LUCIA BORTOLINI

  • Vincenzo D'AGOSTINO
  • Marta DE ZOTTI
  • Catherine DEZIO
  • Alberto GUARNIERI
  • Tiziano TEMPESTA
  • Stefano MACOLINO
  • Alberto GUARNIERI
  • Marco BORGA

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