Forestry and environmental technology

First cycle degree

Class: L-25 - Agriculture and Forestry

Duration: 3 years

Branch: Legnaro

Language: Italian


EU students and non-EU students with residency in Italy: 118

Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 2

of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 1


Il corso in breve

Characteristics and objectives
The Bachelor Degree Course aims to provide the student with strong basic knowledges, preparatory to the Master Degree Course in Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Through a purely quantitative approach, the Course aims to provide the student with the skills to analyze and evaluate: the relationships between environmental factors and living organisms; the methods for the sustainable management of forest resources; the possible effects of human activities on terrestrial ecosystems; conservation and enhancement strategies for natural and semi-natural habitats; the risks of hydrogeological instability and possible mitigations; management of water resources. In essence, the course is organized to provide the scientific and technical bases necessary to actively contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Occupational opportunities
The graduate performs technical tasks of analysis, simple design and management in public and private structures that operate: in the administration and sustainable management of forest resources and in the protection of environment, nature and protected areas; in the management of interventions for the care and defense of forests; in the maintenance and control of the territory, with particular reference to mountain territory. The graduate may take the relevant State Exam of the Italian Council of Agronomists and Foresters (Albo dei dottori agronomi e dottori forestali) in Section B - Junior Agronomists and Junior Foresters.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The Course gives access to Master's degree programs in Forestry and Environmental Sciences and in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, according to the procedures specified in the admission notices.

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President of the Course of Study: TOMMASO ANFODILLO

  • Tommaso ANFODILLO
  • Benedetto Teodoro LINALDEDDU
  • Emanuele LINGUA
  • Mose' MARIOTTI
  • Andrea MARZOLI
  • Fabio PALUMBO
  • Elena PISANI
  • Michele SCOTTON
  • Tiziana URSO
  • Augusto ZANELLA
  • Tommaso ANFODILLO
  • Augusto ZANELLA
  • Michele SCOTTON
  • Daniele CASTAGNERI
  • Pietro Andolfo
  • Dafne Cal
  • Daniel Maran
  • Tiziano Zivelli
  • Mattia Zoppè

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