Students/guests acceptances in the Labs


The protection of the health and safety of the Department's staff is a priority. Before starting any activity, including that of thesis students, doctoral students and scholarship holders, it is mandatory to:

1) Consult and carefully follow the Safety Rules and Instructions at the following web page.

2) Complete the online training provided by the Training Service by following one of the following training plans:

Courses for office workers only:

  • Basic safety course: 'General training' (link)
  • Specific course for low-risk activities (link)

Courses for those performing laboratory, field/forest, workshop, use of LASER equipment, field mechanical testing activities:

  • Basic safety course: "General training" (link)
  • Specific course for high risk activities (link)

To access the courses, use Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. Researchers, research fellows and PhD students without credentials must wait for their Unipd account.  Those who already have an email or can directly access the courses.

In case of laboratory/field activities with use of dangerous equipment:

3) Coordinate with Laboratory Managers for preventive medicine checks

4) Sign the receipt of the training report (link) prepared by the supervisor or his/her delegate.