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Acronym: LENSES

Title: Learning and action alliances for Nexus environments in an uncertain future

Call: Call 2020 SECTION 1 Nexus IA

Duration: 36 months (01/04/2021  -  31/03/2024)

Coordinator: CREA (IT)

Total EU Contribution: € 3.000.000,00

TESAF Budget: €  196.000,00

Responsible Scientific Officer/Investigator: Davide Matteo Pettenella

Research Team: Davide Pettenella; Giorgia Bottaro, Caterina Righetti, Laura Secco, Mauro Masiero

Brief description: LENSES aims to contribute to improved water allocation, enhanced food security while preserving ecosystems and aiding climate change adaptation, by supporting the operationalization of the Nexus paradigm (from Nexus Thinking to Nexus Doing) through a collective learning process, which integrates the concepts of sustainable Nexus management (progressing Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) with a resilience-oriented approach, leading decision-makers in accepting uncertainty as integral part of management and decision-making.

Sito Web: https://www.lenses-prima.eu/